Plant of the month

Plant of the month for June: lavender

Botanical name: Lavandula officinalis or Lavandula angustifolia Belongs to the labiate family Grows in the hills of France (Provence) and Italy (Piedmont). Best harvest time: June Obtaining: The essential lavender oil is obtained by steam distillation. 160 – 180kg panicles and stems of the plant are required for 1 liter of oil. The scent is herbaceous and floral and in a certain way also fresh. In the past, bouquets of lavender were hung in the closet to keep moths out and the laundry always smelled nice and fresh. Lavender oil contains over 100 ingredients. One of the most important is the linalool, which we also use in some eco products.

The effects of lavender are very broad:

  • Balancing, calming
  • Against itching
  • Soothing pain
  • Disinfectant
  • For blemishes, inflammation and skin fungus
  • In case of stress and bad mood
  • When you suffer from fear and nervousness
  • For a more peaceful sleep
  • Soothes burns and sunburn

Lavender oil can be found in face creams and body lotions, in shampoos, hair lotions, massage oils, bath additives, body oils, etc. In the eco products, the main active ingredient Linalool with its calming effect can be found especially in the green series (products smell fresh, not lavender): Eco cleansing milk, wash gel, facial toner, day cream, night cream, intensive cream, tinted day cream SPF 15, hand cream, shower gel and body lotion, repair shampoo, volume shampoo, care shampoo, hair conditioner, hair treatment and in many eco sun products

Gudrun Stirner Natural beautician