Since 1993, our aim has been to produce the best products without polluting the environment. The protection of all habitats was one of our most important goals from the beginning

  • More than 15 years ago, in cooperation with Prima Klima, we reforested a forest in Germany to offset the CO2 emissions that arise during the production and transport of our products.

Further measures:

  • Water from our own well in the nature reserve in Portugal
  • Production with solar energy from our own collectors

For the climate: 6,215 kg of CO2 compensated

Cooperation with Climate Partner
Together with Climate Partner, we support various climate protection projects and thus make our folding boxes climate-neutral. To date, 6,215 kg of CO2 have been compensated.

Project 1087: Marine protection with Plastic Bank worldwide
Stopping the plastic tide while improving the lives of the collecting communities is the Plastic Bank's approach. In Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines, local residents collect plastic waste. At collection points, they can exchange them for money, food, drinking water, or even school fees. The project ensures that less plastic ends up in the sea. Instead, it is recycled and processed into so-called social plastic, which serves as a raw material for new products, such as packaging.

more here (LINK)


Project 1197: Clean Cooking Stoves Nyungwe, Rwanda

The Nyungwe Forest National Park in southwest Rwanda is home to one of the largest mountain rainforests in Africa and thus an enormous variety of animal and plant species. However, the area around the park is densely populated. The population is growing, needs more and more firewood and thus endangers the unique ecosystem. Clean cooking stoves are often simple devices made of metal or clay, but they use the supplied energy better. The families thus save fuel and CO2. Sometimes the ovens are also used in small businesses. more here(LINK)

Currently and in the future:

  • Switched tubes, caps and dispensers to mono-material with lighter weight for less plastic and better recyclability
  • We have the tubes printed directly and thus save on labels
  • For the same reason, we do not use foil coating or metallic effects on the folding boxes made from recycled material

Certified by ECOCERT since 2004
That means:

  • All raw materials, packaging and products are constantly checked by an ECOCERT team: from the procurement of the raw materials through processing to packaging
  • Use of environmentally friendly and non-hazardous manufacturing and production processes
  • Development of the concept of "green chemistry"
  • Responsible use of natural resources
    promoting biodiversity
  • No petrochemical ingredients (except for approved preservatives): parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances and dyes
  • No genetically modified organisms
  • Animal testing is prohibited in accordance with European legislation
  • Recyclable or biodegradable packaging

The ECOCERT standard "Cosmos Organic" means:

  • At least 95% of the plant-based ingredients are "organic"
  • At least 20% organic ingredients are present throughout the formulation (10% for rinse-off products and powders)

Use of ingredients from controlled organic cultivation
That means:

  • Ban on the use of genetically manipulated organisms
  • No mineral artificial fertilizer
  • No chemical pesticides
  • Fertilize only with mulch or green manure
  • Biological pest control methods, e.g. use of natural predators
  • Promotion of the circular economy through diverse, natural crop rotations
    protection of the soil
  • Promotion of bees and insects
  • The use of nature and its protection are in harmony

Cooperation with ozeankind
The work of ozeankind means:

  • Environmental education and recycling projects for children to change consumer behavior and work towards avoiding waste

  • Organization and implementation of worldwide CleanUps to rid the oceans of plastic waste

  • Commitment to waste avoidance and functioning waste systems that prevent more plastic waste from ending up in the sea


The Vegan Society
That means:

No animal ingredients in the registered products

  • Production/development of the product and its ingredients without animal products.
  • No animal testing of any kind in the development/manufacturing of the product and its ingredients, performed at the initiative of or on behalf of the company or by parties over which the company has effective control.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
  • No animal genes or substances of animal origin in the development/manufacture of GMOs. Products submitted for trademark registration that contain or may contain GMOs must be labeled as such.

Optimized packaging

  • Our folding boxes are made from at least 90% recycled paper

  • Folding boxes are printed with mineral oil-free printing ink

  • Folding boxes are FSC certified

    That means:

  • Wood and paper products come from forests that are managed according to special ecological and social criteria and not from illegal felling or overexploitation

  • The forest is free of genetically modified plants

  • The rights of the people living in the forest are respected and are under special protection