ECO-sunscreen is safe!

Whoever uses ECO sunscreen products can be sure that their skin is well protected against radiation from the sun. On the basis of test procedures valid worldwide an independent test institute has certified that ECO products offer an even higher light protection than promoted on the packaging. We have prepared an online compilation of the relevant documents for you.

The EN ISO 24442:2012 test which is valid worldwide is performed for ECO. We take responsibility for the effectiveness of our products very seriously and for safety reasons rely on tests performed by the IDEA institute. This institute works in close cooperation with the only clinic in Europe that specializes in the treatment of damage to the skin caused by solar radiation. Products which are supposed to protect our skin are tested here on a realistic basis using voluntary test persons (“in vivo”)

The results of these very extensive and costly in-vivo UVA tests provide detailed information concerning the actual UVA protective function for various skin types. With a rating of 19.9 the UVA protection effect of ECO sun lotion LPF 50 is considerably higher than the recommendation of the EU commission of 16.7 .In addition we also have in vitro tests performed. These tests also come to the result that ECO sunscreen products exceed the protective levels required.

Some comparative tests resorted to a certain in vitro laboratory test procedure. This procedure which is only valid in Europe according to EN-ISO 234443:2012 (E) is an inexpensive collective test.

The cream is spread on a Plexiglas support and so extremely heated, that the water contents in the product evaporates. In contrast to conventional products with synthetic light protection our products fail this test as they contain no hidden synthetic light protection filters; they consist only of natural ingredients which simply burn up at such high temperatures.

In order that you may convince yourself of the effectiveness of the natural ECO sun protection against UVA and UVB rays here we show you the certificates from the IDEA and HELIOS laboratories: