ECO Toothpaste fuoride free

Black cumin seeds have been used in the Orient since ancient times as a spice and to strengthen the immune system.
The oil* obtained contains valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids which when added to toothpaste can help prevent peridontosis
and gum complaints. The perfect mixture of sage* and green tea* cleans teeth thoroughly and prevents tooth decay and dental plaque.
Enriched with carvon, this toothpaste made by Eco Cosmetics is light and frothy with a pleasant, fresh taste.
Pure mineral silica cleans gently and causes no damage to tooth enamel. Oral flora remains healthy and protected.
Suitable for use during homeopathic treatment.
*organically grown

. Carbon neutral produced
. Ingredients of natural origin
. Free from synthetic dyes, perfumes and preservatives
. Allergen-free
. No nanotechnology
. Vegan
. No PEG, SLS and parabens
. GMO free
. No petroleum, paraffine and silicone derivatives
. Not tested on animals (according to the law)
. Natural aroma activate the senses
. No added sweeteners
. No flourides

100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin
 98% of the plant ingredients are from natural origin
 10% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming